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Um, anybody good with math or English? I need some help with these two, I have some homework assignments and I'm struggling with them. I'd appreciate some help with them, but then again you don't have to help me. 

I have a couple of math equations where I need to solve for X and I am a little confused on a few of the problems, as for English I'm struggling more with deciphering the confusing way they've phrased questions.
I was tagged by :iconcanada98:

The rules:

1. Write the rules

2. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions

3. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!

4. Make sure that they know that they are tagged

5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."

6. It is forbidden to not tag anyone

7. Tag backs are allowed

8. If you're lazy, do it in the comments of this journal

9. You don't have to accept a tag if you don't want to

1. What's your favorite pokemon game or game in general if you don't play pokemon?
Soul silver or Sapphire are my favorite games

2. If you could magically learn some sort of skill, what would that skill be?
To draw or to sing

3. If you could be a voice actor and had the chance to choose a character to be the voice of, who would it be?
Lol, um, Idk? If I could be an actor in general I'd love to play the main role in something really cool and well made?

4. What kind of character would you rather be a voice actor for in future upcoming anime, a character that's similar to yourself or completely different?
Oh, either would be cool. I'd love to relate to a character but it'd be a lot of fun to be someone else for a little while, so acting as a character vastly different from yourself would be a lot of fun.

5. Would you rather be a part of your favorite anime or be part of one of your own creation?
Again, I don't know, probably my favorite anime because my own creation is something I'm already a part of.

6. Could you ever see one or more of your OC's being part of someone else's anime or star in their very own?
Yes, yes I could see that.

7. Did you base one or more of your OC's off of yourself?  How so?
It depends, and I really don't have the words to explain it.

8. What was the first anime or manga that got you interested in other anime or manga?
Um, well, Naruto, Spirited Away and Galaxy Railways were anime that I watched when I was very little.

9. Thoughts on the new and upcoming pokemon sun and moon games?
Idk, don't know much about them.

10. What's your favorite animal and would you ever wanna be one?
Wolf and dogs are my favorite animals, and I'd only be an animal if I could change back into a human as well.

11. Favorite pokemon?
Manaphy, Pikachu and Dratini

12. Which legendary pokemon would you ever want to be?
Suicune is pretty cool

13. What's your number 1 fandom of all time?
Lol, I have too many, this question is unanswerable.

My questions:

1. What's your worst fear?
2. What is one thing you have always wanted?
3. If you could wake up as anything tomorrow, what would you wake up as?
4. What Country do you live in/Have you ever been out of the Country?
5. What is your favorite season? (Mine is winter or fall)
6. What do you love most about yourself?
7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
8. What is your favorite genre of writing?
9. Who is your idol/role model?
10. If you had the option to turn back time and change only one thing, would you? And if you would, what would you change?
11. What is the most important thing to you?
12. What is one of your biggest dreams?
13. Who is your favorite Deviantart Author? If you don't have a favorite author, do you have a favorite artist and who?

I tag:

A/n: This is a Harry Potter reader insert, the pairing is undecided.

 It is quite cold within the castle. The walls are old, their surfaces withered and marred and there is a certain dampness to them. Despite it's decay, dust and mold there is something about it's age that speaks of wisdom, like long forgotten stories spoken in hushed tongues emanating from the very architecture. 

 It is intriguing, sparking a light of curiosity within her. For it's age far surpasses her own by centuries upon centuries, it's ancient walls withholding many secrets that she often found herself wondering would ever be told. And yet it is exactly the presence of those secrets, the mystery of the unknown that truly sets her heart ablaze.

 The sound of students quietly chatting among themselves, heading towards their respective classes for the day, is the sound that echoes and reverberates through out the halls. She does not pay their conversations much mind, for most of them are of no interest to her. However, she does catch sight of a head of ebony locks and those wild grey eyes meet her's. 

 Her heart races and she looks away, pulling her robes tighter around herself and adjusting the heavy books in her arms she quickens her pace along the long and twisting halls and corridors, hoping to reach her potions class as soon as possible.
 She knows him, knows him more than she would ever care to, seeing as he is infamously known for his mischief and trouble making. And even more well known for being one of James Potter's best friends. Sirius Black is his name, quite the handsome name, fitting for an equally handsome young man.

 He is not the only one who is friends with James Potter and certainly not the only one who causes trouble, there is four in total and she tries to avoid all of them as best she can. Which has proven quite difficult, since she shares nearly every class with one or more of them. 

 They are in House Gryffindor, just like she is, but James and his friends are far more popular than she could ever hope to be, and perhapsshe thinks, it is better that she isn't popular.

 There is the chubby one, Peter Pettigrew was his name, if she recalls correctly, and she doesn't like him much either. He's an awkward fellow, doesn't know how to make conversation nearly half as well as the other three. He isn't as loud or outgoing as James or Sirius, though he isn't necessarily quiet either. She didn't know much about Peter, so she supposed she had no right to say she didn't like him.

 Remus Lupin, he is a quiet boy, that much she knew. She didn't mind him, though he most certainly was quite an odd one. She would define him by his kindness and the very dark, greyish circles that consistently lined his green eyes, when she first noticed those dark bags she had wondered if he had been restless or had been staying up late to study, but that didn't seem to be the case. 

 His light brown locks were often disheveled as was much of the rest of his appearance, and he'd show up to class with a new bruise, scratch or injury nearly every month. It happened so often, so many times he'd be walking with a limp or show up with some kind of injury that she had grown both used to the sight but wary.

 Honestly, she had been worried when she first discovered the injuries, she remembers it had been a nasty scratch on his cheek. She had pondered the possible ways he could have gotten hurt, thought maybe he had gotten in a fight or was being bullied, but Remus friends would always reassure her, tell her Remus was clumsy.

 Though she didn't really believe them, no one could possibly be that clumsy. And she knew Remus, he was in her Defense Against the Dark Art's class, he wasn't clumsy in the slightest, in fact, she'd say he was rather graceful. At least from what she could see, Remus was no klutz.

 Remus was also very very smart, that was blatantly clear to her. Perhaps he was the smartest of James Potter's friends. He nearly always got impressive marks on his studies and he could answer a question a Professor asked in a blink of an eye. Maybe she didn't dislike Remus, he wasn't as bad as the other Marauders.

 And then there is Sirius Black.
 She really doesn't like him, he's just far too full of himself. And she's fairly certain that he isn't exactly all that fond of her either.

 He's arrogant and conceited, she's surprised he could be friends with someone like Remus Lupin who is his polar opposite in nearly everything. Perhaps his conceited nature has something to do with who he is. He's a pure blood wizard and he's one from quite the prominent family she might add.

 The Black's are a very well known family in the Wizarding world, not only is he from an extinguished background but he has made quite the name for himself. He is the first Black, at least that she knows of, to be sorted into Gryffindor. And as if that weren't enough, he is a notorious prankster, always stirring up trouble. Furthermore, he is a flirt, he'll be making one girl swoon one day and snogging another the very next.

 He certainly is handsome, what with those wavy dark locks which frame his handsome face and those piercing, wild, silver colored hues. But that's probably what makes her even more frustrated with him, he is the definition of the perfect wizard, with his pure blood, dashing good looks, popular friends and his athletic abilities.

 Though she can hardly call someone as pigheaded as Sirius Black perfect

 In fact, she'd call him anything but perfect.

You may have fooled them with that sheep's skin you've donned, but I know what lies beneath that disguise, you will always be a wolf.
  "ACE! HAVE YOU SEEN (Y/N)?" Sabo called up to the older boy, said ebony haired boy look down from the tree he was climbing to stare into Sabo's eyes. Ace shook his head to tell Sabo he had not seen the girl that day, and curiously, he slipped down the tree to join Sabo on the ground.

 "No, why?" Ace asked, almost agitated. Perhaps (Y/n) was sick, and if so, he may need to go take care of her. The Orphanage didn't supply sufficient medical treatment, and so Ace often took (Y/n) to Makino for help. 

 "Can't find her anywhere. Think she is still at the Orphanage?" Sabo asked curiously, Ace's eyes narrowed dangerously as he thought things through. They needed to check on her, to make sure she was not hurt. 

 "We should go check, in case we have to kick someones ass." Ace replied, but soon enough Luffy came racing towards them in a flurry of panic, tears and snot flying in the wind behind him.

 "ACE! SABO! COME QUICK, (Y/N)'S GOING TO BE ADOPTED BY SOMEONE! WE HAVE TO HURRY!" Ace and Sabo where quick, sprinting off and leaving the slower 7 year old behind in the dust. 

 Ace was faster than Sabo, and with his determination fueling him, he was like a tank ready to charge through anything. No one would take his (Y/n) from him. He'd kill anyone who tried to separate him from his friends and family.

 It wasn't long before he and Sabo came to a stop, seeing large men and a ton of people crowding around the orphanage. This was strange, why was her adoption attracting so much attention. Ace paused to listen to the chattering of the people around him.

 "A little girl? She's being adopted by a who?" Someone whispered from among the crowd of strangers, their curiosity was answered by their companion.

 "I heard she's being adopted by a King."

 Ace had heard enough, pushing and climbing his way through the crowd he made it to see the pathway in front of the Orphanage. But all he caught sight of was a head of (h/c) hair being ushered onto a ship. 

 He felt his blood rush to his face, anger filling his veins. How could this be happening? Shoving people aside, Ace tried to make his way to the ship as quickly as he possibly could but was unable to make it in time. 

 The ship was already setting sail by the time they reached the docks, he tried to get to her, he really did. He even swam as far as he could after the ship, but it was too late. He was too late. And now she was gone. His promise to keep her safe had been broken, she had been right. Something bad was going to happen.

 And that wasn't even the end of it.

  ~time skip~

 Ace sat there staring out of the horizon, like he had with (Y/n) only a few days ago. But now, now she was gone, and perhaps he'd never see her again. Perhaps she'd forget all about Him, Luffy and Sabo. Perhaps she'd soon forget all the memories they shared, and this little island.

 These simple and plain days spent with him and the others drowned out by the beauty and glamour of royalty. 

 She'd be living as a Princess now, and he wouldn't even know where to start looking for her. And perhaps she wouldn't even want to leave if he ever did find her.

 "Ace! Did you find-...Ace?" Sabo stopped short as he saw the tears rolling down Ace's eyes. Realization hit the blonde and he fell silent. 

 "Ace..." Sabo started, looking as if he wanted to say something, but he cut himself off. What could he say? They had just lost one of their closest friends, knowing she didn't want to leave in the first place, without even getting to say goodbye.

 And as he joined Ace, staring out over the horizon with tears gathering in his blue eyes, he couldn't help but ponder over that simple question. The question he knew Ace was thinking of too...

 Would they ever see her again?
Liana by riseagainstevil

Liana Norr is a young girl, about 14 years old. She is the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Norr. She has three living siblings, and is the youngest of them.

She is described as being beautiful, even at a young age. Although she is thin, slightly tall and small built. Her face is slender, and slightly rounded, with a straight nose and rounded lips. Her skin is light and fair, and her hair is long, straight,  and a light auburn color. She has big, almond shaped eyes. They are a very light but soft blue color.

According to her father, Liana bears a certain likeness to her aunt. The resemblance has caused her and her father's relationship to be a very distant one.

He once said: "The day she had been born I had been so filled with joy, and then I saw her face. I cannot even look her in the eyes without feeling sorrow, without seeing the look on my sister's face as she bled to death in my arms...The gods, they won't let me forget. They must be punishing me for being unable to save her."

A/n: Sorry for not updating in a million years, I have been dealing with family problems, health and school work as well as stress and writers block. This is what I have for my novel character so far, I drew her up above...she didn't turn out as well as I pictured. Not quite how I imagined her. I might redraw her or not, I'm not the best at drawing so I probably won't redraw her. Don't even think of stealing her, I am in the process of writing a novel and will get it all copy righted to me.


You want a lemon, you'll have to pay me for it. Because not only is the effort much higher, but i'll have to post it on another site due to DA's rules. 
I will do free requests, but if you want yours sooner or higher quality you'll have to pay. I usually do good quality on free request though. It's just doing a whole lot of content for free is a little difficult. Do not feel obligated to pay me though, I will still do free one shot's because thats the kind thing to do.


Um, anybody good with math or English? I need some help with these two, I have some homework assignments and I'm struggling with them. I'd appreciate some help with them, but then again you don't have to help me. 

I have a couple of math equations where I need to solve for X and I am a little confused on a few of the problems, as for English I'm struggling more with deciphering the confusing way they've phrased questions.

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